About Us

Tourist Attraction Coffs Harbour

A lot of people have asked me about how I came to be interested in starting up Coffs Harbour Trike Tours as a tourist attraction in Coffs Harbour. Well, it comes from having a lifetime association with motorcycles, almost 50 years now. Even as a kid, my mates and I would build mini bikes out of old push bike frames and Victa lawn mower engines.

Throughout my life, I have owned and ridden a wide variety of motorbikes and trikes, including a 350 Bridgestone, a BSA 650, three Triumph Bonnevilles, an assortment of Hondas and a Big Bear Chopper. I have also owned fourteen Harley Davidsons since 1981. The first trike I bought was in 2004, which was an Oztrike with a VW motor.

Where we are now

Now I have a Mustang trike that carries two passengers. This is the trike that I use in the Tour business. Ever since I bought the first trike I have thought about a trike business, but at that time one was already operating here in Coffs Harbour up at the Big Banana, so I didn’t do it. That business has since moved on and left an opening for me, so here we are.

I have always loved meeting new people from all walks of life. Being able to combine my love of riding with the tour business in one of the most beautiful places in Australia is the best yet.

Find out more

To find out more about Coffs Harbour Trike Tours as a tourist attraction Coffs Harbour, give us a call on 0418 468 910 or email us at info@coffsharbourtriketours.com.au.